Comments by pilots about this book.

"It wasn't a rehash of what others have said. It's based on firsthand experience in screening, interviewing and selecting pilots for a major airline."

"After reading Irv's book, I realized how much I didn't know about interviewing."

"Covered a lot of questions I never thought about. Would have blown a lot of answers had I not read Irv's book. Now, I'm flying for Southwest."

"Easy to read and follow. Moves quickly and right to the point. No fat. Makes a lot of sense. I recommend it highly."

"After reading this book, I feel more self confident and prepared for my interview."

"Irv's insights definitely gave me an edge over a lot of other pilots. He knows his stuff! It paid off! I fly for United."

"It's a great reference book on interviewing. The way the chapters are designed, I know exactly where to look for answers to my concerns."

"It's the most in depth and thorough book on interviewing I've read. What I learned from it helped greatly in getting on board with FedEx."

"Helped me do a better job interviewing pilots for our airline. Keep it in my desk drawer. Written by an expert in interviewing techniques."

"I recommend reading it to every pilot taking my class and I use it as a text."