About the Author

Irv wrote this book based on his ten years of experience as manager of employment and pilot recruitment for a major airline, plus many years of coaching and counseling pilots – thousands of whom now fly for the “majors” – through mock airline interviews geared to major, international, national, and regional airlines’ interviews. While with the airlines, he taught interviewing techniques and skills at all University of California extension programs throughout the state.

Irv has conducted pilot seminars in effective interviewing techniques at job fairs presented by pilot consultant groups, flight schools, military bases, and aviation-oriented universities. He has also trained pilot recruiters, captains, and other flight department managers in advanced interviewing techniques. He has designed employment processes and applications, interview assessment forms, and factors considered in evaluating each pilot candidate interviewed, and has led the “final selection” committee to determine which pilots would be hired.

Irv holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology/personnel/business management and has received advanced training in communications and test design. He represented the airline industry in the accreditation of western colleges and high schools, and testified at a congressional hearing reviewing airline hiring practices.