Forty-six chapters covering such topics as:

Choosing the Best Airline for You
What Counts with the Airlines
What Makes an Impressive Individual
What Makes a Great Future Captain
Preparing an Impressive Resume and Employment Package
How to Obtain Interviews
Opening Your Interview
Facing Your Employment and Flight Department Interviewers
The Airline Screening, Interviewing, and Assessment Process
Testing and Your Simulator Ride
Understanding What Interviews Are All About
Mistakes to Avoid
Selling Yourself

Important Questions to Ask Yourself
Questions Asked by Airline Interviewers
What Psychologists Look For
Steps to Building Great Answers
How Long Should Your Answers Be?
Choosing Good Examples
Your Voice and Delivery
Speaking the Right Body Language
Handling Stress
Some "Don'ts"
Your Final Answers
Closing Your Interview
Interviewer Reactions to Pilot Applicants
Final Selections – Who Will Be Hired?
Summary of Key Steps to a Successful Airline Interview